Saturday, March 2, 2013

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T055

T055. 05.21.43

Fighting to the north of Yelets has been swinging back and forth, as moderate German counter attacks threw my lines back a hex. Now I was able to regain the lost ground. But the real development is coming to the south, where I have the 34th and 54th Armies pushing hard on the Hungarians, forcing them to fall back to the secondary line. Even though I didn't fill into the gap, this has created the opportunity to fight the Axis troops out of their trenches. With the 2nd Guards Tank and 2nd Shock Army ready to take up the next wave, there should be more movement here soon. And as this area becomes more threatened, Mark will have to take his focus off other sections of the line.

North Caucasus

Mark threw quite a bit at me in this region, forcing my lines back at several points. But over the course of this turn, I was able to counterattack and regain my footing.

A massive air and artillery bombardment of the city's defenses softened up the Axis enough that two ground assaults forced open the city center. The port hex held, but not without the Axis main force suffering big losses. The assistance of the naval guns has made a big difference. I expect to control the city next turn.