Saturday, April 28, 2012


The new PBEM version of this scenario is out, and Requiem72 and I are starting up a new game. So I'm putting this PO version on hold. It should be lots of fun to see how the PBEM version goes, since a human opponent like Req is much more challenging than fighting the computer.

So stay tuned. The first turn is done and in Req's hands.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 46, 22 Mar 43


Finland - Continuing the garrison work and rail repairs. Going to start shipping armies out of Finland to different sections of the Eastern Front.

Crete - The island fell much more easily than anticipated. I'm shipping garrison troops down from England, mostly AA units. Supply is not very good, thanks to the lack of a rail line anywhere on the island. However, this chunk of land will prove invaluable when planning the invasion of mainland Europe... wherever and whenever that may be.

Egypt - I'm beginning plans for an offensive operation to reach Tobruk and destroy as much of the Afrika Korps and Italian African army as possible.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 42, 19 Feb 43


*Operation Brick* - Landing craft have left port, sailing toward the beaches of Crete. The I Airborne has moved into position, pressuring the beach defenses from inland. The XXX Corps wings will assault Iraklion and Khania, while the XIII Corps wings are landing on both sides of the western arm of the island. Since the sealift is for 2 turns, I can redirect forces to different beaches if necessary. It's entirely possible one or more of these assaults could be driven back into the sea on the first try.


Finland has signed the armistice with Russia, and all of its armies have stood down. This is a major victory for the Russians and Allied nations. Assigning garrison units and repairing infrastructure is now the mission. Once that is complete, the focus can turn toward relieving Murmansk.


Egypt - The Afrika Korps and Italian army have not attacked the British Eighth Army in some time. This has allowed them to recover some supply and rest. But they are still vulnerable thanks to the valiant defense of Tobruk by the South African troops. Once the Crete situation is more settled, I can begin plans for a big push out of Egypt and to the west.

NW Europe - The bombing campaign is picking up steam, with more US bomber groups arriving.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 41, 12 Feb 43


*Operation Mortar* - Complete - Rhodes and Cos captured and secured.

*Operation Brick* - In progress - The I Airborne has landed at the Iraklion airfield with no resistance. It was a clean drop without scattering. The HQ will land in the follow up. The XXX Corps is ready to set sail, as is the XIII Corps. The Royal Navy's Mediterranean squadrons have been pounding the defenses, while the RAF and USAAF are fighting to control the skies. I've disbanded the "Torch" sea transport, which gives the Allies 30,000 sealift for 2 turns. That will be enough to get the first waves ashore and, hopefully, cleaning up the remnants of the defenses. We will see...


For the first time, the Russian front is taking a back seat. Operation Snow White has been a resounding success, as the Finns are now negotiating an armistice, while demanding the Germans leave their nation. Once the transition is complete, the main job will be finalizing the rail repair to boost supply, and setting up a garrison force to guard the ports and airfields.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 40, 6 Feb 43


*Operation Snow White* - Viipuri has fallen to the Russians. Now it's time to regroup the invasion armies, mend the rail lines to increase supply, and wait to see if Finland does in fact seek an armistice with Russia. If a proposal does not come within three weeks, a second offensive will commence, with the goal of capturing Helsinki itself.


*Operation Mortar* - Amphibious landing on the island of Rhodes, a prelude to the amphibious and airborne landing on the island of Crete (Operation Brick).

The initial landings on Rhodes were supplemented by an opportunity to capture the small island of Cos to the northwest. This small patch of land will prove very valuable, as it has a port and an airfield. The British XXX Corps is now on Rhodes in force, preparing to board the landing craft for Crete. The XIII Corps is preparing to board landing craft from Alexandria. The British I Airborne is boarding the transports in Malta.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 38, 22 Jan 43


*Operation Snow White* - It's taken another assault, but Viipuri is nearly fallen.


*Operations Brick, and Mortar* - I've mapped out a preliminary plan for the capture of Crete (Mortar) & Rhodes (Brick). As of right now, Rhodes is unoccupied by the Axis forces, meaning I can take it without a fight. That will be a huge advantage, as there are no Allied supply points on Rhodes. So spending as little time and resources as possible on that island will help immensely. The slide is pretty straight forward:

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 37, 15 Jan 43


*Operation Snow White* - The Guards armies have reached the outskirts of Viipuri and will begin the assault on the city. Once it's fallen, Finland will likely begin negotiations for an armistice with Russia. The positives from this impending victory are:
1. Finland eliminated as an enemy belligerent.
2. Russian forces freed from defending the northern side of Lenningrad.
3. Strong base of operation with many ports, possibly for later amphibious operations against the Baltic states or Poland and Germany.


Eastern Mediterranean - I'm looking for names to assign the operation to capture Crete, as well as later operation to relieve Tobruk. First, the landing on Crete will involve:

Assault forces -
British XXX & XIII Corps
I Airborne
Royal Navy Med. Squadrons A & B & Carrier Group
Polish Naval Squadron
211 RAF Fighter Group
9th USAF (1 Ftr, 1 MB)
Canadian I Corps (reserve force, still in England on 15 Jan)

I'm open to suggestions for operation names.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 36, 8 Jan 43


*Operation Snow White* - Things are rolling along nicely, as the Finns are struggling to react. The Guards armies are within 100 miles of Viipuri, and I suspect Finland will be eliminated as an Axis power withing weeks. See the slide for a more detailed look at how things are going.


Caucasus Region - The first Panzer division is approaching Grozny. Unless the Germans can mount an offensive with enough force, I expect to hold onto the oil fields. To the west, my defensive line near Maikop is still holding strong, with the German offensive coming mostly from the right flank.

Egypt - I'm making plans to capture Crete. Once that is done, an offensive toward Tobruk will likely send the Axis forces in Africa running back to Tunisia. The British I Airborne is boarding ships for Egypt. They will be the initial strike force in my operation to capture Crete.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 33, 18 Dec 42


Operation Snow White - The offensive is progressing well. Finnish troops are strong, but can't hold up against the enormous pressure of 10 Russian armies.


Not much to report this turn. Everything maintained the current course.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 32, 11 Dec 42


Operation Snow White - The river crossing and initial attack has been successful. But as the resistance stiffens, and supply lines lengthen, it could get tougher. Repairing the rail road behind the attack force will be critical to keeping the men supplied.


Maikop Sector - The defensive line along the river hasn't seen much pressure... yet. The Germans are regrouping for another major push toward Maikop, and will likely then pivot toward Grozny.

Voronezh - A gap in the Axis line could provide an excellent flash point for an offensive. But I have absolutely no available Russian troops to conduct such an operation right now. Once Finland is fallen, I can begin to explore offensive operations in the gut of Mother Russia.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 31, 4 Dec 42


The Caucasus looks to be in trouble, as all but the 56th Army has withdrawn to a river defense of Maikop. This area is too large to defend with such a small force, so I'm not expecting this to hold for more than a few turns.

Operation Snow White...

The initial movements for the invasion of Finland are underway. The bridging teams and lead elements of the assault force advance to the pre-strike positions. The 5th Shock and 3rd Guards armies have arrived after a two week delay. The main offensive will begin next turn.


NW Europe - Until further notice, the strategic bombing campaign against German industry will continue.

Egypt - Until the global shock is needed, I'm shelving any offensive out of Egypt. The British Eighth Army will have to sit tight. Once more US divisions arrive in England, a major push toward Tunisia will become more feasible.

Friday, April 13, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 28, 13 Nov 42


Stalingrad remains under constant pressure, but is holding relatively well. The problem, as expected, comes in the western/northern Caucasus areas south of Rostov. It seems this is going to be lost very soon. If it does, then I don't imagine Sevastapol will hold out very long without supply from the mainland. But the city under siege is beginning to buckle under heavy Axis attacks. So it might be any turn now.


Karelia - The buildup for Operation Snow White continues, as one guards army and one regular army are shipped to the assembly areas. I expect this operation to launch on time, likely 4 DEC.

NW Europe - The strategic bombing campaign focuses the British Bomber Command on Essen; the US 8th Air Force attacks Frankfurt.

Egypt - I'm entertaining the idea of landing on Crete. The sea transport available for Operation Torch has not been used, as the Moroccan supply situation isn't stable enough to jump right into western North Africa. I made a stupid mistake in my other running game (an older version of this sce) against Requiem72, invading Crete relatively early, without much air and naval support, while thinking I could do it using only the 9,000 sea transport levels. Needless to say, it failed miserably. But in this circumstance, I've built up the British army in Egypt to the point where it's feasible.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 27, 6 Nov 42


Stalingrad is now under assault by the Axis armies, as both Germans and Romanians are attacking the Russian defenders outside the city. Some spots in the lines are giving way, but nothing serious that some tactical reserves can't fix.

To the north, I've order a withdrawal of a few armies to a better defensive position near Tula. With the arrival of the 10th Army, this sector will be much easier to defend. I can also then see what the Germans were really planning to do here: was it really an offensive? Or just a probing attack?


I've initiated preparations in the Karelian sectors for an invasion of Finland. Details in the slide below:

If the Fins can be effectively disabled as an Axis power, it will free up a great number of divisions for use elsewhere on the Eastern Front.


NW Europe - Two major bombing runs were made this turn. The first was almost 500 British heavy bombers against Magdeberg; the second was 200 B-17s from the US 8th Air Force against Colonge. Losses were not terrible, but worth noting. Once longer-range fighters arrive, it will be safer to bomb the mainland. Three more US Divisions arrived in England.

Egypt - Continued attacks by the Italians and DAK are ineffective against such a strong defensive position like the El Alamein line.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 26, 30 Oct 42


As expected, the Germans renewed the offensive with force. They have regained the lost ground from the last turn, pushing aside the defenders just south of Rostov. Russian counterattacks have helped put a serious dent in the German strength. Two Wehrmacht divisions have been destroyed. But the situation remains precarious. Once the German supply lines catch up to the front lines, I suspect it will be difficult to hold these positions along the river.


Finnish-Russian Border - I've ordered the Russians to begin massing north of Lake Onega. While final details of the operation will be worked out in the next few weeks, the ultimate objective will be Viipuri.

NW Europe - There is now a sustained bombing effort by the British Bomber Command and the US 8th Air Force, striking at the industry centers in the Ruhr River Valley. And a few bombing runs to Berlin were thrown in to boost morale. Arriving to the region this week were the US 2nd and 29th Divisions. The 2nd Armored is still in the staging area, as the sea transport is no high enough to bring them to England. I've had to disable some of its equipment to get it under the 9,000 weight required for shipping to the island.

Egypt - It's just a matter of time before the offensive westward can begin. I'm being extra cautious with the British Eighth Army, as the same supply problems facing the Germans could easily happen to the Allies. Once past Tobruk, supply lines become stretched and weak. A quick advance to Tripoli is critical if any success is to be sustained. I'm also not sure if the US troops will be ready for an all-out landing in Morocco, since supply lines there can't reach Tunisia.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 25, 23 Oct 42


The mud season allowed my Russian troops to recoup some of the losses and fatigue, while the Germans' supply line are so extended that their fatigue levels are still very high. This has given me an opportunity to counter strike the bridgeheads (1) established by the XL Panzer Korps. German equipment and proficiency still outpace the Russians, but readiness is in the defenders' favor. The 7th Guards have attacked and pushed the lead elements back across the river. But I suspect the Germans will be back and stronger.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 24, 16 Oct 42


The mud has halted much of the action, even for the Axis. Taking a bigger look at the situation, you can see the Rostov leftovers (1) holding tight along the river, Stalingrad getting pressure now from three sides (2), and the large, gaping expanse of nothing (3) where my defensive lines once stood.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 20, 18 SEPT 42

The mud season approaches, which should offer some reprieve to the Russians.


Rostov has finally given way (1) to the German XIV Korps. It was a valiant fight, but long overdue for conclusion. To the south, two columns of German infantry and mechanized infantry are across the river, pressing the 7th Guards and 56th Army. Those poor chaps in the 62/63 Army jumble are just fighting for their lives at this point. The 44th Army is waiting to screen the retreat south, while 21st Army and the 1st Guards are pulling back to Stalingrad. The door is open for the Axis to make huge gains in the Caucasus.


Monty might get away with holding Tobruk while also massing his forces for a huge counter attack. But the question remains: when? The South Africans, now supported by 52nd Division and the 2nd Armoured Brigade, can hold Tobruk, are occupying the Afrika Korps to the west, while the Italians and a few German units are probing the British defensive line at El Alamein. With the arrival of both New Zealand divisions, as well as some other supporting units, the British Eighth Army is much stronger than their Axis counterparts. 

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 19, 11 SEPT 42

EASTERN FRONT... Moving ahead two weeks, the Germans are grinding their way through the 62nd and 63rd Armies, while mounting river crossings to the south and northeast. The Rostov defenders are still holding, but the support forces are being pushed back to the bridge. I've sent the 1st Guards into battle on the northern flank of the 62/63 group, but it's merely a delaying action until the Stalingrad defenses can solidify.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 17, 28 Aug 42


Now that the 7th Guards Army have deployed in-force, the 56th and 3rd Guards armies can truly retire to the rear for a few turns. Rostov is being squeezed, but I'm confident it can hold for at least another two or three turns/weeks. The German XXIX Korp has crossed the river to support the III and I SS Panzer korps, while the 16 Panzer Division presses toward the river crossing northeast of the main battle areas. However, the 1st Guards Army is deploying just in time to keep the Germans at bay for at least some time.

The 62nd and 63rd Armies will need some help soon. But I'm not sure where it will come from. 

Defending the Caucasus will depend greatly on how hard the Axis push their offensive into the region. If the pressure keeps up, the Russians will likely have to give up Rostov and retreat to the south and east, protecting Stalingrad as the main objective. I don't envision any major offensives/counter-offensives on the Eastern Front until 1943.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 15, 14 Aug 42

Just a couple housekeeping notes: 1) I've now color-coded the unit names on the maps based on their nation of origin/background; 2) No more "OBJ" listed on each slide; and 3) I'll try to remember the numbering system to make it easier to follow the notes.

The 47th Army is moving into Rostov to relieve the now-exhausted defenders, while the 3rd Guards Tank and 44th Army will perform rear area duties. But that doesn't mean, as you can see, that they won't be seeing combat. The III Panzer and I SS Panzer korps are mounting a very strong push along the river, punching through the 62nd Army and crossing the river with a mechanized division. It seems the Romanians are being used to screen the northern flank of the advance with light infantry and cavalry.

I've shipped the 7th Guards Army by rail from the Azrakhan sector. It should be ready for combat next turn, advancing from Salsk.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 14, 7 Aug 42

EASTERN FRONT... The Rostov defenders are holding strong so far, but as the Axis work around the eastern flank of the city, it's uncertain how long before it falls into Hitler's hands. Panzers have crossed the river and are rolling southeast toward the Russian defensive positions, which are perilously thin. The 62nd and 63rd Armies are hoping to stall the advance until reinforcements arrive from the north.

I've ordered up the 44th Army and elements of the 51st from the south and coastal regions, and should help relieve the tired defenders in Rostov.

The Germans caught me off guard by sending an airborne assault group to capture the bridge southeast of Rostov. Even if I can push this force aside, it will still have a negative destabilizing effect on my defensive position. That might have been the plan all along. But it doesn't matter why they're there... they're there and pissing me off.

Reinforcements are arriving from Siberia and the east on a weekly basis. Two fresh Guards armies will be shipped down to these sectors in the next two weeks, along with various Op Groups.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 13, 31 July 42


The former Rzhev Sector, now re-named Kalinin Sector, has stabilized thanks to the thick woods offering protection against the Panzers.The Germans are still pressing this sector, but have had much less success in pushing back the Russians. The line itself is a mess, however, as three Shock armies are mixed together for half the defense, while to the southeast, various divisions pulled from elsewhere have thrown together a decent position north of Rzhev.

In the south, Rostov is still holding out. I might actually order the south-bound bridges to be repair to offer a better supply into the city. But it depends on how quickly the Germans and Romanians move around the flank. Reinforcements are arriving steadily, in the 62nd and 63rd armies, and 21st Army to the northeast. Forming a defensive line inside the triangle of the rivers will hopefully prevent a quick Axis breakthrough. if this line can't hold long enough, it's a lot of open terrain--and petroleum--up for grabs. Note the German airdrop to secure the bridgehead adjacent to the 62nd's position along the river.

Farther down to the southeast, near Astrakhan, I've ordered a newly-arrived Guards Army to the sector. Once there, it can establish a defensive position in anticipation of the expected Axis offensive into the Caucasus toward Grozny and Baku. If needed, it can advance northwest to support the Rostov defense.

Monday, April 9, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 11, 17 July 42


The British in Egypt are holding, as are the remaining force at Tobruk. The South African troops of the X Corps have surprisingly held off all attacks. Though evacuation was still the correct move here. Meanwhile, in England, the Royal Airforce and US 8th Air Force are mounting a sustained bombing campaign against German industry and supply in the Ruhr Valley. Once the US ground divisions begin to arrive more steadily, a second front will become a more viable option.


Shit's hitting the fan in Russia.

The Kharkov operation blew up in my face, in turn blowing up the entire southern third of the Eastern Front. Holding Rostov right now is key, as the Germans can't advance too much farther without taking the city. But if I can hold out a little while longer, it could wear down the Axis forces, preventing a quick offensive into the Caucuses... and the oil fields.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 9, 3 July 42


My biggest fear has been realized, in that the Germans have successfully cut the road  (1) between Kharkov and the rest of the Russian armies to the east. I'm doubtful I can hold Kharkov without wasting the troops charged with the city's defense.  The hole in the line (2) southeast of Kharkov is growing wider by the turn. It's not salvageable at this point. Nothing less than a full withdrawal is due. The Germans have also broken the line in other (3) spots.


I've been able to pull back the 3rd Shock Army and what's left of the other armies, while leaving the rear guard to slow the German advance. This has been, overall, a successful retreat to a better defensive position. It should save men and resources later.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 8, 26 June 42



The Germans have blown a hole in the line (1) near Slavyansk. The capture of the in-tact bridge there will allow the Germans easy supply of their offensive force. I'll have to bring down reinforcements from the northern sectors. Near Rostov (2) the Axis divisions are marching toward the makeshift defensive positions thrown up to hold the city as long as possible. I'm afraid this position will be untenable after a few waves of attacks. Finally, near Voroshilovgrad, there is relative stability (3) on the other side of the river. It could be that the Germans have focused their attacks elsewhere for now, so it's not likely it will remain this quiet.


Meanwhile to the north, German divisions are collapsing the salient bulge between Velikie Luki and Rzhev. This is partly planned by me to allow my lines to give way. But I'd rather not give up this much ground this quickly.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 7, 19 June 42


Tobruk is days away from falling to Afrika Korps, as most of the British army has displaced to El Alamein and Alexandria. It's unknown whether the Afrika Korps will press on toward Egypt, or hold in Libya. In front of El Alamein, the British I, V, and VIII Corps have formed a defensive line (1) anchored by the sea to the north, and Qattara Depression to the south. The X Corps is in reserve in El Alamein. Back near Alexandria, the XIII and XXX Corps are resting and refitting. The 2nd and 9th New Zealand Divisions are slated to arrive in the next week or two.


The three-army force that captured Kharkov is now spread out too thin. And with lack of support on both flanks, there is the very real possibility of being sliced off (1) from the main defensive positions east of the river. This sector is a huge problem right now, as I begin contracting the forces back inward to Kharkov. Hopefully the Axis north and south of the salient don't attack to forcefully. But every time I hope for that, it's exactly what they do, as we see beginning south (2) of the salient.


Up west of Moscow, the bulge of Russian troops is being pressured pretty hard by German divisions. I'm thinking it best to just pull back. That bulge was serving no purpose anyway. Plus, it will save some divisions for elsewhere on the Eastern Front.

Friday, April 6, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 6, 12 June 42


British reinforcements are shipping from England to Egypt as fast as possible, setting up a defensive position west of Alexandria. The United States now has four divisions in England, but will not deploy for some time. The Russian front is holding, but there are a few weak spots that deserve attention this turn/week. Supply is stable, while enemy air strikes are being kept to a manageable level. A major offensive other than the Kharkov operation is likely 


Using PhotoScape has been fantastic for these AAR slides, and I just discovered the number stamps available. In the Tobruk slide below, you can see where (1) the British Med. Squadron destroyed the remnants of the Italian fleet north of the port; and (2) Lord Montgomery's headquarters is being caught up in the rush to evacuate eastward to Alexandria.


By the end of this turn/week, Kharkov has been captured by the Red Army. However, it looks to be one turn too late for the points. Now the key will be finishing off the left overs inside the pocket, and preparing for any counter offensive. The Germans and Romanians to the south are causing quite the problem, as my lines are buckling quickly. I might have to pull some divisions down from the northern fronts.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 5, 5 June 42


Two turns later, Kharkov is still in the hands of the Germans. This is the final chance for me to take the city and get the points (must be taken by Turn 6), but I'm not sure I can do it in such a tight window. The Germans are massing west of the pocket, possibly for a counterattack. The operation might end up as just a costly breakthrough. At least I'll have a key city, and cause the Axis to shift forces from elsewhere to contain this push.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 3, 22 May 42

A week (in game time) later, and things aren't going well. The Axis PO is much more aggressive than I've ever experienced before, but that could be because I haven't played all that much against the PO in the latest TOAWIII version. It's quite refreshing. I enjoy having to really think about my moves, and have a lump in my throat once in a while (such as North Africa this turn) waiting to see how the PO will move next.


It's growing time to haul ass out of Tobruk. It sucks to give it up, but the Axis forces have struck quickly and fiercely. There was even a paradrop south of the airfields. That kind of caught me off guard, and badly destabilized my lines. What units I can muster up will be evacuated through the port of Tobruk, or eastbound along the coast road. In the seas north of the port, a rather sharp clash between battle groups and air squadrons is going on. The Italian fleet suffered severe losses, but was bailed out by Axis air power sinking half the British squadrons. Two battleships were lost in the confrontation, but the losses for the Italians are harder to replace.


The offensive to capture Kharkov is rolling along, but not quickly enough for my tastes. Supply lines are stretching around the far side of the Axis pocket defenses, and I'm not sure how long I can sustain any sort of siege.If the Russians can't make significant progress over the next week or so, this might not offer the reward of capturing Kharkov before Turn 6 and the points.

My hope is that the 2nd Shock Army shipped down from the Leningrad Front will help push the Axis pocket out of the city long enough to plant the Red flag.

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 2, 15 May 42

The first weak spot in the Axis lines has been found. Just south of Kharkov, I was able to find a clean river crossing, which in this region of the scenario is as good as gold. The objectives for this attack run in three steps, as follow:

1. Establish the Bridgehead (Complete)
2. Roll Up Axis flank toward Kharkov
3. Draw reinforcements away from southern fronts

The first one was easy. But the second and third are contingent on getting enough support to the divisions already across the river. Otherwise, this will be a short-lived adventure.

Nothing else went on this turn. The Axis PO made a few attacks, but not anything serious. The first US divisions are arriving in England. But as we know in this scenario, it's a slow process. One of the most important tasks at hand will be getting British divisions into Egypt. From there, at least I'll have a solid base of operations to attack either the traditional track through Libya, or up through southern Europe.

NEW GAME: Third Reich 42-45 Axis PO Version 1.4

I'm starting both this blog and a new game because it's annoying to post all these updates into the Matrix Forums. At least this way I can copy/paste my updates whenever I get around to it, while they'll always be here in an easy-to-update place.

I started a game of the older, PBEM version of TR42-45 with Requiem72, and I instantly fell in love. I'm eagerly looking forward to the new release of the PBEM version. But for now, I'm going to try out this Axis-PO version. There are apparently still bugs here and there, so bear with me and the guys who are working tirelessly to put this scenario where it need to be.

Please visit the home of TR42-45,