Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 40, 6 Feb 43


*Operation Snow White* - Viipuri has fallen to the Russians. Now it's time to regroup the invasion armies, mend the rail lines to increase supply, and wait to see if Finland does in fact seek an armistice with Russia. If a proposal does not come within three weeks, a second offensive will commence, with the goal of capturing Helsinki itself.


*Operation Mortar* - Amphibious landing on the island of Rhodes, a prelude to the amphibious and airborne landing on the island of Crete (Operation Brick).

The initial landings on Rhodes were supplemented by an opportunity to capture the small island of Cos to the northwest. This small patch of land will prove very valuable, as it has a port and an airfield. The British XXX Corps is now on Rhodes in force, preparing to board the landing craft for Crete. The XIII Corps is preparing to board landing craft from Alexandria. The British I Airborne is boarding the transports in Malta.

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