Friday, April 6, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 6, 12 June 42


British reinforcements are shipping from England to Egypt as fast as possible, setting up a defensive position west of Alexandria. The United States now has four divisions in England, but will not deploy for some time. The Russian front is holding, but there are a few weak spots that deserve attention this turn/week. Supply is stable, while enemy air strikes are being kept to a manageable level. A major offensive other than the Kharkov operation is likely 


Using PhotoScape has been fantastic for these AAR slides, and I just discovered the number stamps available. In the Tobruk slide below, you can see where (1) the British Med. Squadron destroyed the remnants of the Italian fleet north of the port; and (2) Lord Montgomery's headquarters is being caught up in the rush to evacuate eastward to Alexandria.


By the end of this turn/week, Kharkov has been captured by the Red Army. However, it looks to be one turn too late for the points. Now the key will be finishing off the left overs inside the pocket, and preparing for any counter offensive. The Germans and Romanians to the south are causing quite the problem, as my lines are buckling quickly. I might have to pull some divisions down from the northern fronts.

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