Saturday, April 7, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 7, 19 June 42


Tobruk is days away from falling to Afrika Korps, as most of the British army has displaced to El Alamein and Alexandria. It's unknown whether the Afrika Korps will press on toward Egypt, or hold in Libya. In front of El Alamein, the British I, V, and VIII Corps have formed a defensive line (1) anchored by the sea to the north, and Qattara Depression to the south. The X Corps is in reserve in El Alamein. Back near Alexandria, the XIII and XXX Corps are resting and refitting. The 2nd and 9th New Zealand Divisions are slated to arrive in the next week or two.


The three-army force that captured Kharkov is now spread out too thin. And with lack of support on both flanks, there is the very real possibility of being sliced off (1) from the main defensive positions east of the river. This sector is a huge problem right now, as I begin contracting the forces back inward to Kharkov. Hopefully the Axis north and south of the salient don't attack to forcefully. But every time I hope for that, it's exactly what they do, as we see beginning south (2) of the salient.


Up west of Moscow, the bulge of Russian troops is being pressured pretty hard by German divisions. I'm thinking it best to just pull back. That bulge was serving no purpose anyway. Plus, it will save some divisions for elsewhere on the Eastern Front.

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