Friday, April 13, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 26, 30 Oct 42


As expected, the Germans renewed the offensive with force. They have regained the lost ground from the last turn, pushing aside the defenders just south of Rostov. Russian counterattacks have helped put a serious dent in the German strength. Two Wehrmacht divisions have been destroyed. But the situation remains precarious. Once the German supply lines catch up to the front lines, I suspect it will be difficult to hold these positions along the river.


Finnish-Russian Border - I've ordered the Russians to begin massing north of Lake Onega. While final details of the operation will be worked out in the next few weeks, the ultimate objective will be Viipuri.

NW Europe - There is now a sustained bombing effort by the British Bomber Command and the US 8th Air Force, striking at the industry centers in the Ruhr River Valley. And a few bombing runs to Berlin were thrown in to boost morale. Arriving to the region this week were the US 2nd and 29th Divisions. The 2nd Armored is still in the staging area, as the sea transport is no high enough to bring them to England. I've had to disable some of its equipment to get it under the 9,000 weight required for shipping to the island.

Egypt - It's just a matter of time before the offensive westward can begin. I'm being extra cautious with the British Eighth Army, as the same supply problems facing the Germans could easily happen to the Allies. Once past Tobruk, supply lines become stretched and weak. A quick advance to Tripoli is critical if any success is to be sustained. I'm also not sure if the US troops will be ready for an all-out landing in Morocco, since supply lines there can't reach Tunisia.

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