Friday, April 13, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 27, 6 Nov 42


Stalingrad is now under assault by the Axis armies, as both Germans and Romanians are attacking the Russian defenders outside the city. Some spots in the lines are giving way, but nothing serious that some tactical reserves can't fix.

To the north, I've order a withdrawal of a few armies to a better defensive position near Tula. With the arrival of the 10th Army, this sector will be much easier to defend. I can also then see what the Germans were really planning to do here: was it really an offensive? Or just a probing attack?


I've initiated preparations in the Karelian sectors for an invasion of Finland. Details in the slide below:

If the Fins can be effectively disabled as an Axis power, it will free up a great number of divisions for use elsewhere on the Eastern Front.


NW Europe - Two major bombing runs were made this turn. The first was almost 500 British heavy bombers against Magdeberg; the second was 200 B-17s from the US 8th Air Force against Colonge. Losses were not terrible, but worth noting. Once longer-range fighters arrive, it will be safer to bomb the mainland. Three more US Divisions arrived in England.

Egypt - Continued attacks by the Italians and DAK are ineffective against such a strong defensive position like the El Alamein line.

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