Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 15, 14 Aug 42

Just a couple housekeeping notes: 1) I've now color-coded the unit names on the maps based on their nation of origin/background; 2) No more "OBJ" listed on each slide; and 3) I'll try to remember the numbering system to make it easier to follow the notes.

The 47th Army is moving into Rostov to relieve the now-exhausted defenders, while the 3rd Guards Tank and 44th Army will perform rear area duties. But that doesn't mean, as you can see, that they won't be seeing combat. The III Panzer and I SS Panzer korps are mounting a very strong push along the river, punching through the 62nd Army and crossing the river with a mechanized division. It seems the Romanians are being used to screen the northern flank of the advance with light infantry and cavalry.

I've shipped the 7th Guards Army by rail from the Azrakhan sector. It should be ready for combat next turn, advancing from Salsk.

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