Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 14, 7 Aug 42

EASTERN FRONT... The Rostov defenders are holding strong so far, but as the Axis work around the eastern flank of the city, it's uncertain how long before it falls into Hitler's hands. Panzers have crossed the river and are rolling southeast toward the Russian defensive positions, which are perilously thin. The 62nd and 63rd Armies are hoping to stall the advance until reinforcements arrive from the north.

I've ordered up the 44th Army and elements of the 51st from the south and coastal regions, and should help relieve the tired defenders in Rostov.

The Germans caught me off guard by sending an airborne assault group to capture the bridge southeast of Rostov. Even if I can push this force aside, it will still have a negative destabilizing effect on my defensive position. That might have been the plan all along. But it doesn't matter why they're there... they're there and pissing me off.

Reinforcements are arriving from Siberia and the east on a weekly basis. Two fresh Guards armies will be shipped down to these sectors in the next two weeks, along with various Op Groups.

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