Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 13, 31 July 42


The former Rzhev Sector, now re-named Kalinin Sector, has stabilized thanks to the thick woods offering protection against the Panzers.The Germans are still pressing this sector, but have had much less success in pushing back the Russians. The line itself is a mess, however, as three Shock armies are mixed together for half the defense, while to the southeast, various divisions pulled from elsewhere have thrown together a decent position north of Rzhev.

In the south, Rostov is still holding out. I might actually order the south-bound bridges to be repair to offer a better supply into the city. But it depends on how quickly the Germans and Romanians move around the flank. Reinforcements are arriving steadily, in the 62nd and 63rd armies, and 21st Army to the northeast. Forming a defensive line inside the triangle of the rivers will hopefully prevent a quick Axis breakthrough. if this line can't hold long enough, it's a lot of open terrain--and petroleum--up for grabs. Note the German airdrop to secure the bridgehead adjacent to the 62nd's position along the river.

Farther down to the southeast, near Astrakhan, I've ordered a newly-arrived Guards Army to the sector. Once there, it can establish a defensive position in anticipation of the expected Axis offensive into the Caucasus toward Grozny and Baku. If needed, it can advance northwest to support the Rostov defense.

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