Monday, April 9, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 11, 17 July 42


The British in Egypt are holding, as are the remaining force at Tobruk. The South African troops of the X Corps have surprisingly held off all attacks. Though evacuation was still the correct move here. Meanwhile, in England, the Royal Airforce and US 8th Air Force are mounting a sustained bombing campaign against German industry and supply in the Ruhr Valley. Once the US ground divisions begin to arrive more steadily, a second front will become a more viable option.


Shit's hitting the fan in Russia.

The Kharkov operation blew up in my face, in turn blowing up the entire southern third of the Eastern Front. Holding Rostov right now is key, as the Germans can't advance too much farther without taking the city. But if I can hold out a little while longer, it could wear down the Axis forces, preventing a quick offensive into the Caucuses... and the oil fields.

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