Thursday, April 5, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 2, 15 May 42

The first weak spot in the Axis lines has been found. Just south of Kharkov, I was able to find a clean river crossing, which in this region of the scenario is as good as gold. The objectives for this attack run in three steps, as follow:

1. Establish the Bridgehead (Complete)
2. Roll Up Axis flank toward Kharkov
3. Draw reinforcements away from southern fronts

The first one was easy. But the second and third are contingent on getting enough support to the divisions already across the river. Otherwise, this will be a short-lived adventure.

Nothing else went on this turn. The Axis PO made a few attacks, but not anything serious. The first US divisions are arriving in England. But as we know in this scenario, it's a slow process. One of the most important tasks at hand will be getting British divisions into Egypt. From there, at least I'll have a solid base of operations to attack either the traditional track through Libya, or up through southern Europe.

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