Thursday, April 5, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 3, 22 May 42

A week (in game time) later, and things aren't going well. The Axis PO is much more aggressive than I've ever experienced before, but that could be because I haven't played all that much against the PO in the latest TOAWIII version. It's quite refreshing. I enjoy having to really think about my moves, and have a lump in my throat once in a while (such as North Africa this turn) waiting to see how the PO will move next.


It's growing time to haul ass out of Tobruk. It sucks to give it up, but the Axis forces have struck quickly and fiercely. There was even a paradrop south of the airfields. That kind of caught me off guard, and badly destabilized my lines. What units I can muster up will be evacuated through the port of Tobruk, or eastbound along the coast road. In the seas north of the port, a rather sharp clash between battle groups and air squadrons is going on. The Italian fleet suffered severe losses, but was bailed out by Axis air power sinking half the British squadrons. Two battleships were lost in the confrontation, but the losses for the Italians are harder to replace.


The offensive to capture Kharkov is rolling along, but not quickly enough for my tastes. Supply lines are stretching around the far side of the Axis pocket defenses, and I'm not sure how long I can sustain any sort of siege.If the Russians can't make significant progress over the next week or so, this might not offer the reward of capturing Kharkov before Turn 6 and the points.

My hope is that the 2nd Shock Army shipped down from the Leningrad Front will help push the Axis pocket out of the city long enough to plant the Red flag.

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