Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 37, 15 Jan 43


*Operation Snow White* - The Guards armies have reached the outskirts of Viipuri and will begin the assault on the city. Once it's fallen, Finland will likely begin negotiations for an armistice with Russia. The positives from this impending victory are:
1. Finland eliminated as an enemy belligerent.
2. Russian forces freed from defending the northern side of Lenningrad.
3. Strong base of operation with many ports, possibly for later amphibious operations against the Baltic states or Poland and Germany.


Eastern Mediterranean - I'm looking for names to assign the operation to capture Crete, as well as later operation to relieve Tobruk. First, the landing on Crete will involve:

Assault forces -
British XXX & XIII Corps
I Airborne
Royal Navy Med. Squadrons A & B & Carrier Group
Polish Naval Squadron
211 RAF Fighter Group
9th USAF (1 Ftr, 1 MB)
Canadian I Corps (reserve force, still in England on 15 Jan)

I'm open to suggestions for operation names.

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