Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 36, 8 Jan 43


*Operation Snow White* - Things are rolling along nicely, as the Finns are struggling to react. The Guards armies are within 100 miles of Viipuri, and I suspect Finland will be eliminated as an Axis power withing weeks. See the slide for a more detailed look at how things are going.


Caucasus Region - The first Panzer division is approaching Grozny. Unless the Germans can mount an offensive with enough force, I expect to hold onto the oil fields. To the west, my defensive line near Maikop is still holding strong, with the German offensive coming mostly from the right flank.

Egypt - I'm making plans to capture Crete. Once that is done, an offensive toward Tobruk will likely send the Axis forces in Africa running back to Tunisia. The British I Airborne is boarding ships for Egypt. They will be the initial strike force in my operation to capture Crete.

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