Thursday, April 12, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 20, 18 SEPT 42

The mud season approaches, which should offer some reprieve to the Russians.


Rostov has finally given way (1) to the German XIV Korps. It was a valiant fight, but long overdue for conclusion. To the south, two columns of German infantry and mechanized infantry are across the river, pressing the 7th Guards and 56th Army. Those poor chaps in the 62/63 Army jumble are just fighting for their lives at this point. The 44th Army is waiting to screen the retreat south, while 21st Army and the 1st Guards are pulling back to Stalingrad. The door is open for the Axis to make huge gains in the Caucasus.


Monty might get away with holding Tobruk while also massing his forces for a huge counter attack. But the question remains: when? The South Africans, now supported by 52nd Division and the 2nd Armoured Brigade, can hold Tobruk, are occupying the Afrika Korps to the west, while the Italians and a few German units are probing the British defensive line at El Alamein. With the arrival of both New Zealand divisions, as well as some other supporting units, the British Eighth Army is much stronger than their Axis counterparts. 

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