Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TR 42-45 AXPO - Turn 42, 19 Feb 43


*Operation Brick* - Landing craft have left port, sailing toward the beaches of Crete. The I Airborne has moved into position, pressuring the beach defenses from inland. The XXX Corps wings will assault Iraklion and Khania, while the XIII Corps wings are landing on both sides of the western arm of the island. Since the sealift is for 2 turns, I can redirect forces to different beaches if necessary. It's entirely possible one or more of these assaults could be driven back into the sea on the first try.


Finland has signed the armistice with Russia, and all of its armies have stood down. This is a major victory for the Russians and Allied nations. Assigning garrison units and repairing infrastructure is now the mission. Once that is complete, the focus can turn toward relieving Murmansk.


Egypt - The Afrika Korps and Italian army have not attacked the British Eighth Army in some time. This has allowed them to recover some supply and rest. But they are still vulnerable thanks to the valiant defense of Tobruk by the South African troops. Once the Crete situation is more settled, I can begin plans for a big push out of Egypt and to the west.

NW Europe - The bombing campaign is picking up steam, with more US bomber groups arriving.

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