Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.1 - ALLIED vs Mark - T004/29May42

29 MAY 42


Sectors: Voroshilovgrad-Rostov
The I SS Panzers have broken the line between the 18th & 24th Armies, but it should be contained for a little while. No reinforcements are scheduled to arrive for at least two more weeks, so this situation appears to be a perilous one to say the least. I've marked the Brandenberg Commandos that were shipped by rail all the way from Berlin. They are camping near Stalino, and I fully expect them to be used in the likely German breakout attempt. I'm looking for airdrop operations against the bridges and railroads along my lines of retreat and supply. For now, I'm getting rear-guard units ready to control damage.


There is some action coming in the north. But it's just small skirmishes for now. The Germans are taking some units from Norway to push my Russians.


Rommel and the Italians are in position for their offensive toward Tobruk and Egypt. I'm beginning the evacuation from Lybia, while the lead divisions from the V & VIII Corps are arriving in Alexandria.

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