Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.1 - ALLIED vs Mark - T011/17Jul42


Sectors: North Caucasus-Stalingrad
The valiant delaying action by the 12th Army and 3rd Guards Tank Army might end up saving the defense of Stalingrad. In my last PBEM game vs Requiem72, I gave up too much ground too quickly in this part of the threatre. The Germans marched right through my defensive lines and into Stalingrad. But this time, albeit against a different opponent with a different strategic style, I've gone with the "make them fight for every yard" defense ahead of Stalingrad.

Rostov had finally been wiped clean of Russian defenders, as the 56th and 18th Armies are split between the two river crossings, with the 44th Army in between. The vast expanse east of the Don will offer easy picking for Mark's Panzers, but there isn't much strategic value in conquering open land. In fact, the entire 3rd Panzer Army is in danger of running out of supplies, as the rail line runs through Rostov (currently blocked by Russians) and Kalach (also blocked) west of Stalingrad. As long as I can hold these two rail road junctions, the Germans will be running on their temporary rations, slowing their advance significantly.


NW Europe - Some bombing runs by the RAF have netted little, save for a few blown bridges and damaged factories.

Africa - Tobruk still holds. No pressure yet on the El Alamein line.

Crimea - Sevastapol is near surrender. The defenders will evacuate, leaving behind the skeleton garrison to delay the enemy. The Primorskava will sail from Sevastapol to Tuapse to the east.

There are no other significant updates.

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