Thursday, May 17, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.1 - ALLIED vs Mark - T013/31Jul42


Theatre Update: Don Front, Stalingrad, The Caucasus

There's not much going on across the European War, so I'm going with another theatre update for the southern portion of the Russian Front. The German III Panzer Armee is leading the spearhead into the Caucasus. From the intelligence reports, it appears the 17th Armee is in support, and the 6th Armee is forming a perimeter around Stalingrad.

The race to Grozny appears to be on. My fear right now is that the time wasted trying to defend Maikop will result in the fall of Grozny. But the 1st Guards Army is due to arrive near Yelets next week, and it should be able to make it down to Grozny within a few days time. I might also order the 1st Gds Tank Army to the area. Reconstituted units are arriving each week. While their readiness is in the basement, they offer warm bodies to man the guns in places like Astrakhan. Eventually they will relieve the 62nd Army along the Volga. 

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