Thursday, May 31, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T009: 07.03.42

T009 07.03.42


Sectors: Yelets-Voronezh
The Germans actually withdrew (1) from their gains last week. I've sent every single reconstituted unit into this area, hoping to simply clog up the path toward Yelets and/or Voronezh. I think it's worked. Though the Germans still have superior strength and likely readiness, my defensive positions are growing stronger each week. I wasn't able to send the fresh armies (60, 63 Armies) into this area, due to the need for them farther south. However, more armies are scheduled to arrive over the next two weeks. They will have a first objective of relieving the Yelets-Voronezh front line troops.


North Africa - The DAK and Italians are mopping up the remaining Commonwealth troops, but little action otherwise. There are now five British Corps in Egypt.

North Caucasus - The Germans and Romanians are crossing the Don in force now. No major engagements since the fall of Rostov. The Wehrmacht is not making a play for any of the territory on the eastern side of the Don from Stalingrad northward. There were at least two Panzer Korps being shipped by rail to this area, possibly three total. It signals a coming effort to capture the oil fields at Maikop and Grozny.

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