Monday, June 4, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T011: 07.17.42

T011 07.17.42


Sectors: Yelets-Voronezh
Two fresh armies (60, 7 Gds) have arrived, but I've only committed one to battle so far. The 60 Army has bolstered the buckling center, between the 3 Gds Tank Army and the 38 Army. The 7 Gds Army will disembark next turn and build up its readiness. If the front lines can hold long enough, I'm hoping to use the 7 Gds in a counter offensive to drive back some of the most forward German divisions. This should give me more time to gather reinforcements as they arrive, and relieve the exhausted front line armies in this bloody stretch of the Russian Front.

Sector: Maikop
With three armies digging in, I'm confident this positions can hold off a mid-sized offensive for at least a week or two. If I must fall back into the mountains, so be it. The terrain south of this sector is so brutal, I don't imagine the Germans continuing any attack immediately following the eventual capture of Maikop. There are plenty of fresh German corps moving into this area via Rostov. I'm anticipating an impressive offensive southward from the Axis armies. Also to note, the Brandenbergers haven't been used yet. Could this be the first instance? It wouldn't make much sense to me. Capturing Maikop is good, but not like capturing Stalingrad or even Grozny.

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