Sunday, June 10, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T017: 08.28.42

T017 08.28.42


Sector: Leningrad
The battle for Leningrad begins in earnest, as the rail guns open up with a terrific roar. No less than five German corps, including the XXXIX Panzer, pressure the outer defenses, focusing on Kirovsk and a few miles west. Some of my Russian division are pushed back out of the works, but are covered by reserves that join the battle. The initial battles are already bloody affairs, and I only anticipate it will worsen as the siege rolls onward.


Sector: El Alamein
I've ordered forward a few detachments from the XXX Corps, with the objectives of 1) scouting the strength of the approaching DAK and Italians, and 2) draw the lead elements of the Axis army into early combat. The Axis forces are already weary from a sharp battle for Tobruk. And despite the increased supply gained for a while from capturing the city, staging a fighting advance toward El Alamein is probably not what Rommel wants right now. As for the El Alamein defensive line, I've massed the tanks of the I and X Corps to the south, with the XXX covering northward to the Mediterranean, and the XIII Corps in immediate reserve. There is also the VIII Corps back near Alexandria. If the DAK attempts to strike at the XXX Corps (I expect this, since that is the only decent supply road to keep the German panzers running) I can swing the I and X Corps in a right wheel, slamming into the German right flank. But this is getting a bit ahead of myself. Let's see what Rommel (okay, Mark) does now that he's faced with resistance so far out in front of the British lines.

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