Friday, June 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T022-024: 10.02.42-10.16.42

T022-024 10.02.42 - 10.16.42
*Triple Turn due to mud season bogging everything down*


Theatre Update
The mud season has begun, grinding everything to a halt. And I couldn't be happier! Mark used some of his offensive operational disbands, including the all-valuable shock disband. But he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar on this one. So the 50% shock for both sides will negate any significant advantage the Axis side would have with the disbands.

Not much action in terms of battle. But I've shifted some of the armies around. Most notably are the Guards armies that are now coming in more frequently. The 2nd Guards has been moved to the Karelian Region at the Finland border. The 10th Guards has been moved from the Rzhev sector down to the Yelets-Voronezh sectors. And the 5th Guards is now at Stalingrad. More movements include reinforcements beginning to stage for transport to Murmansk. And a the 60th Army sailing down from Astrakhan to the Grozny area.

As the mud season draws to a close, the bulk of the Guards armies near the Yelets-Voronezh are preparing to move south to the Astrakhan and Grozny areas for what is expected to be a mammoth fight for the oil fields. One Guards army and one regular army will be sent north to the Karelian region, bolstering my presence there in case the Axis forces get full of themselves.

The situation down in the south looks to play out immediately following the end of the mud season, as the large Axis offensive force is staging at the end of T024. 


Theatre Update
Like in Russia, the mud has slowed everything. But the DAK and Italians are still vulnerable. This situation in Egypt is so tempting, that I might use some offensive operational disbands and launch my counter offensive as soon as the mud eases up. With such a strong defensive position to work from, and plenty of rest and supply for my British Commonwealth force, I wouldn't have much to lose. The only drawback would be that I should wait until the Torch invasion force is ready to go. But I've had trouble with that operation before where I had to wait longer than the historical invasion date.

Decisions, decisions...

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