Monday, June 18, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T027: 11.06.42

T027 11.06.42

*This turn's AAR is less detailed than originally composed, as I accidentally erased the first edition of it. Sorry. 


Sector: Leningrad
I anticipated that any day now the Leningrad perimeter would buckle. Now it's happening, with a central hex falling to repeated German attacks.

Sector: Black Sea Coast
The German panzers have pushed aside my left flank that was anchored along the beach. Now they control the road, forcing another withdrawal. The 46th Army is now at Sokhumi, ready to disembark and form yet another defensive line with the sea on one side, and the mountains on the other.

The first wave of attacks southward have run into three Romanian infantry corps, supported by one panzer division and one mechanized infantry division. The 10th Guards have pushed back the centre element of the II Corps, crossing the river after one try. To their right, the 4th Shock is battling with the Romanian IV Corps, which is holding better than the II Corps. As the 4th Shock occupies the IV Corps, the 1st Gds Tank storms into a gap in the Axis line, crushing the mechanized infantry division trying to hold its ground. Once reaching the canal, the Romanian V Corps is discovered digging in on the opposite bank. To the north, Germans are massing for what looks to be a counter strike at my flank. The 3rd Gds Tank, with help from an Op Group, is screening that section, until I know better what kind of threat this could develop into. The 7th Guards are being held in reserve north of the rail bridge crossing, behind the 10th Guards. The 5th Gds Tank has arrived by rail, and will stage for at least one turn/week before being committed to battle. If needed, the 40th and 56th Armies are read to move out of their entrenchments to blunt the Germans attacking from the northwest.

Sector: Grozny
The I SS Division of the I SS Panzer Korp attacked my position in the centre three times, only to be thrown back with devastating losses each time. I wouldn't expect to see them in battle for the rest of the month. However, being pinched on both sides, my line eventually gave way to the regular panzer corps. The 67th Army has moved in from the coast. Though I'm not expecting to oust the Germans from their gains, I can hold Grozny for longer with the fresh reinforcements.


The I & X Corps strike force has successfully turned the Axis flank. Wheeling to the north, the X Corps tanks wipe out an Italian infantry unit, then run into the 90. Leichte of DAK. In a surprising move, Mark has allowed Rommel to get ambitious--or suicidal--by attacking my defensive line in front of El Alamein. The 10. Panzer Division is leading the way, right into the gap between my I/X Corps strike force and the advancing V Corps. To the north, the rest of the DAK, supported by the Italians, pressures the XXX Corps. Looks like a general advance is in order for the entire British Eighth Army.

Sector: Morocco-Algeria - OPERATION TORCH
The British have landed with no resistance from the Vichy French, though I've ordered no engagement with the Vichy until negotiations can be complete for their surrender. Next up will be the second wave of British and Americans in Algeria.

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