Friday, July 13, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T046: 3.19.43

T046: 03.19.43

Sector: Finland-Karelia
I anticipated this move by Mark, launching an offensive from north to south into the Karelia region of the Russia-Finland border. The 4th Guards Tank Army is already here, ready to support the 70th and 26th armies defending the northern front against the Germans. The advance units in front of my lines have helped slow the enemy advance, forcing them to fight their way to my main defensive positions.

To the south, things aren’t so easy, as two Finnish divisions have surrounded a division of the 32nd Army, and have a clear shot at my interior lines. Reinforcements will be absolutely necessary in this sector to avoid disaster, especially since the reconstituted units from the 5th Shock won't’ be enough to mount a serious counter attack. Units from the Svir River sector are available and ready for action. They are also resting on a rail line for quick departure.

Sector: Yelets-Kursk - OPERATION: MEGAPHONE
The Germans have attacked swiftly and with fire, as the VII Korps has led the way, with support of other random divisions and some Hungarian units. It’s amazing to me how tired, bloody Axis units can throw back my Guards divisions as if they were full of ditchdiggers. But I’ll have to simply overwhelm this area with force, as was the plan from the start. Two more armies are set to arrive from Astrakhan, both Guards armies. This operation is incredibly frustrating and slow, but success is not lost.

Sector: The Caucasus
The Grozny defenders have crumbled like a mortarless brick wall. My right flank was turned quickly, trapping the bulk of the three Russian armies against the mountains, and cutting off the escape route to the coast. There are reinforcements available to send here, mainly in the form of a Guards tank army from the Astrakhan sector. That sector will likely be stripped dry in the coming turns, with the situation in Finland also growing troublesome. Also troublesome is the situation along the Black Sea Coast, but that’s pretty much been par for the course there. I just can’t seem to get a decent defensive stand. There’s been about five or six lines formed, and all have been broken by the Axis. Now within a dozen hexes or so to T’Bilisi, things are becoming desperate.

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