Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T051: 4.23.43

T051: 04.23.43
Mud continues, bogging down all major action.

Sector: Yelets
Just one minor counterattack by the Germans nets one hex. But otherwise no movement. I’ve added more units to the immediate reserve, and the rest of the 68th Army commits to battle.

Sector: Black Sea Coast
The 40th Army is now at Kutaisi, disembarking from the trains. It will immediately move to support the main defensive line west of the city. The 4th Guards Army is now just east of Batumi, and will disembark and move to defend the main city from attacks from the north. This should buy enough time to get at least one more army into this sector by May.

Sector: Tunis
Looks like the Axis are going to try to evacuate the remaining German units, including Rommel’s Afrika Korps HQ. But I’m hopeful I can grab them before they get onto the boats. The recent naval battle off the coast here broke my blockade of Tunis, so now if the Germans want to get their stragglers back to Italy, all they need is time and the transport.

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