Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T054: 5.14.43

T054: 05.14.43

Sector: Yelets
As is the case nearly everywhere, this area has been quiet... well, as quiet as the Eastern Front can get. Just a few line adjustments here and there, including two minor attacks on the southern portion of the Yelets curve. I’ve pulled back the bulk of my Guards Armies in the center and northern portions of the curve, including the remnants of the 2nd Guards Army, and the 3rd Guards Tank, 5th Guards Tank, and 3rd Guards Army. Those armies will stay in the Yelets Sector, but stay back as a local reserve until their losses and readiness are recouped. The massed artillery will still continue to pound the German and Hungarian positions, while the 68th and 69th Armies are fully committed to the lines where those displaced Guards Armies once stood.

Sector: Black Sea Coast
The 6th Guards Army has arrived on the Eastern Front, but is only at Mumra south of Astrakhan, staging for sea transport to Baku. From there, like the 4th Guards and 40th Army before them, the 6th Guards will board trains to the Black Sea Coast sector to help relieve the 44th thru 47th Armies. The problem for this sector is that the 8th Guards Army is the next big army to arrive as reinforcement, but they won’t show up until T056. I’m not sure the Black Sea Coast defenses can hold that long, as the 8th wouldn’t arrive on the line until T059 at the earliest. I’ve decided to pull the 53rd Army from the northernmost stretch of the Astrakhan sector (along the Volga River) and begin transporting them to this sector. It should help get fresh bodies on the line more quickly.

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