Thursday, July 19, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T056: 5.28.43

T056: 05.28.43

Sector: Black Sea Coast
The 6th Guards couldn’t get here fast enough, as the main lines are faltering in the center and right flank. The previous turn, I pulled the 44th and 46th Armies from the line to rest along the supply route to T’Bilisi, leaving three armies and the 4th Guards to hold back the Axis. Most troublesome at this point is the 6th SS Division opposite the Guards. Mark has set a precedent that wherever the SS Divisions show up, the attack will be most fierce. The relentless offensive along the Black Sea Coast has caused every army facing it to become worn down without the chance to rest. If the 4th and 6th Guards can give the regular infantry armies time to rest, I can hold much of what’s left in this region.

I’m in desperate need of some positive news on the Eastern Front, and I think I’ve found the place for some. OPERATION: GUILLOTINE is designed to lop off the Rzhev salient from the rest of the bulge in the German lines west of Moscow. I’ve been building up forces slowly for about two weeks, with the 5th Guards Army--including its three Airborne divisions--staging to the north. The ground element of the 5th Guards will move down to the front lines immediately before the offensive begins. I’m also currently in the process of moving the 8th Guards Army to the western task force. In all, I plan to build an assault force of nine armies, half of which will be Guards. South of Rzhev the main objective will be to cut off the main rail line--also the main supply line--to Rzhev. If the converging task forces can successfully meet up here, the Rzhev defenders will be surrounded and without supply. It should be an easy kill from there. The problem is that I’ve seen some rail guns moving into the eastern portion of the bulge, so I’m not sure if Mark is planning something at the same time in this area.

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