Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T086: 12.24.43

T086: 12.24.43

Sector: Yelets
Artillery divisions from the II Arty Corps is taking up positions southeast of Yelets, to prep the enemy lines for an attack southward. I’m hoping to chew off a piece of the German line north of Voronezh, causing a gap that I can rush though. The 4th Guards Army is now arrived, giving me three full Guards armies on hand. I have about two or three more in the south waiting to transfer north if needed, which I’m sure will happen.

Sector: Vyazma
The 3rd and 4th Guards Tank armies have pulled back for rest along the rail/supply line near Mozaisk. They’ve been relieved by the 1st and 5th Guards Tank armies, which successfully pushed the enemy back another full hex-front. Entering the sector as the next wave of fresh assault troops are the 66/5th Guards Army, 3rd Guards Army, and 1st Guards Army. Combine them with the 2nd Guards Army that hasn’t even seen combat yet, and I should be able to sustain an offensive for a number of turns here. It’s all about wearing down the Germans and keeping after them. I’ve spend way too long in this scenario worrying about defending my positions and minimizing losses everywhere. But that’s only backfired and, in fact, caused more casualties in the long run. I have to, as Patton put it, grab them by the balls and kick them in the ass. Well, Vyazma seems to be the place to do it.

Sector: Salerno
The Germans have counterattacked with strong reserves that were just sitting there waiting to enter the fray. This is apparently what Italy will be like, but I’m confident in the Allies’ ability to push the Germans northward. It wasn’t all that difficult to dislodge them from their fortified positions along the Ofanto Line using artillery. And once I got up in their face with strong infantry and armored assaults, their ranks fell quickly. I may need to recoup some of my own losses every few turns by taking a break from the attacks, but I think the more I keep on Mark here, the better chance I have of wearing him down quicker.

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