Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T012

T012: 7.24.42

Strategic Outlook
The only region that’s in trouble is the northern Caucasus, where my forces are in full withdrawal to the south. But I’m not terribly worried just yet, as I have reinforcements coming to the front. One area of concern is the Karelia region, as Mark’s cut off the rail line to Murmansk. In the air war over Western Europe, I’ve pushed the EEV to +5. There is no effect for that, but it’s at least moving in the right direction.

Now that Mark has moved to take Kandalaksha, he can move on Murmansk. I’m assuming his strategy will be similar to last time, where he first cuts the rail line, then blockade the port itself so I can’t relieve it with reinforcements. I’m not sure yet if it’s worth wasting an extra army or two to keep Murmansk for just a few more turns. It won’t kill me to lose the port city, but it’s not going to make things any easier.

Baltic Front
Not sure if this is really something, or just a demonstration to see what’s behind my lines here. Mark has breached the front line along the river, with an attack force that includes the 4th SS “Polizei” Division. Usually when an SS Division is present, it’s a serious attack. However, the lack of follow up at this point doesn’t seem significant.

North Caucasus

It’s a race against time in this region, as my front line has crumbled south of Rostov and the Germans storming toward Maikop. If I can hold them at bay for at least two more turns, I can form a line at the planned position at Voroshilovsk. The 64/7th Guards Army has arrived via trains, but is not even close to big enough to cover such a large area. I’ll need at least two or three more full-sized armies to defend this critical line. One of the few things working in my favor is that Mark has actually had to fight his way southward, wearing down his divisions to the point where he’ll need to give them a rest before another big offensive in this sector.

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