Thursday, August 30, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T020

T020: 9.18.42

Strategic Outlook
The action has obviously shifted to the North African front. My concern now is that mark is gearing up for a major offensive on the Russian Front. Reinforcements are scheduled to arrive starting next turn, which should help bolster my defense at key points, such as in the Central Caucasus.

Northeast Africa

I’m normally too cautious. I always tend to worry too much about adequate supply lines, keeping my troops rested, and not exposing units and risk heavy casualties. This time I’m bucking my own trend, pressing the Axis forces in Libya to the fullest extent. In the course of this offensive, I’ve destroyed much of the three Italian corps, at least one full Panzer division, captured Rommel’s HQ, and severely crippled the remainder of the Axis forces that originally captured Tobruk. I’ll have to send the rail repair crew forward from Mersah Matruh, as the rail line is very badly damaged. Once the line is repaired, supply will increase and offer my forces a boost heading toward Tobruk.

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