Saturday, December 29, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T031

T031: 12.4.42

Strategic Outlook
The “Third” front is now open, as the combined US-UK invasions force has begun its landings in Morocco to no opposition. That will surely change, but at least they’re on the beaches. Overall my situation is improving with each turn. Two large armies arrived on the Eastern Front, both of which were immediately shipped to the Caucasus. I can easily tell that the Axis forces in the East are losing steam. Mark has been forced to give up on no fewer than three would-be offensives. I’m not out of the woods just yet, but I can see some daylight.


Surprisingly, the shattered remnants of my line are holding the German divisions back from an open path to Grozny. This extra time has allowed me to deploy some extra reserves I had sitting around, including some help from the Don Front South sector. The big news here is the arrival of the 5th Shock and 3rd Guards Armies, and the recouperating 2nd Guards Army. If I can keep the Axis forces away from these formations for another turn, they can disembark and maybe even take their time getting into position. I’d hate to run down their readiness so quickly by rushing them to the front.

Morocco - Operation Torch

The landings were supposed to be the easy part, and they were. I have two turns of sea transport at 30k. The UK and Polish Corps weren’t able to land in the first wave, but it’s not a critical mishap. Patton’s 1st Armored Corps has made contact with the German-French forces, fortified along a short front. They’re backed up by additional units, but this is a position I’m sure I can break in a few turns. Naval support is readily available, but I’m hesitant to expose the squadrons to enemy air attack or even a sortie by the Italian Navy. In the last game, I took some heavy naval losses because I underestimated the Axis ability to knock them out.

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