Sunday, December 30, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T033

T033: 12:18.42

Strategic Outlook
Mark is gearing up for a renewed, albeit reserved, sense of attack. He’s pushing a bit more toward Stalingrad, which is curious. The Caucasus Front is relatively quiet except for a small breakthrough in the north that won’t amount to much. The problem for me is that I just don’t have the power yet to assume my own offensive stance in this scenario. The Russians are the key here, as they’re building up strength, but not quickly enough for me to take advantage of the Axis weaknesses in places like the Don Front and in the Caucasus. If I had the extra formations at full strength, I’d strike hard and fast in both those places, where Mark’s formations are tired and in need of some rest. I’m debating three different offensives right now, possibly to launch in unison. But that all depends on how quickly I can get replacements to their units and supply to formations that are in desperate need of it.


I left a small window open and Mark came storming through. I should be able to counter this, but it will take a turn or two before I get things sorted out. A mechanized unit from the 5th Guards Tank moved into a blocking position, which should allow me time to muster up enough help.


After resting for a turn and preparing for the attack, I’ve launched a wave into the first line of Axis defenses. It only took one try to pop the cork here, pushing back the Saxony Division. The Burgundy Division held against the second attack, but was hurt badly and shouldn’t hold against another wave. The 1st Armored Corps led the attacks, as the 2nd Armored Division is pressing through to Oran. This won’t get any easier from here, as supply will quickly become an issue. But if I can rotate units in and out of the line as I go, it should help mitigate some of the supply issues.

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