Saturday, May 19, 2012

BUG ALERT: 1.5.1 Playtest Ends

Mark discovered a small error that resulted in a huge problem... a playtest-ending problem. You can read about it here:
May 11 Update – A Supply 1+ vs. a Supply Point 1 error caused Axis supply to jump up from 25 to 75 on Turn 15 (associated with the DAK forward supply point – one of the last events defined). That issue is fixed in this updated version. Further moderate tweak to Axis 81mm and 120mm mortar replacement rates.
So that means this run is over after only 15 turns. Too bad. The battle for Grozny was really in line to be a good one.

The next post here will be for our new playtest. We've started, but as per usual, will delay posting our AARs for about a dozen turns.

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