Friday, May 11, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.1 - ALLIED vs Mark - T007/19Jun42

19 JUN 42


Sectors: Orel-Voronezh-Kharkov
Two main German pushes have come from the 4th Panzer Army in the north near Kursk, the other from Paulus's 6th Army east of Kharkov. Several holes have opened in my Russian line. But that's not the biggest problem. Mark's panzers have been utilized in classic Blitzkreig style, zipping around the rear of the defenders while the infantry keeps them pinned down. This has caused several of my divisions, including some entire armies, to be cut off into pockets. The biggest of these could end up being the large 38th Army coupled with the 9th. The only reinforcements this week had to be shipped down from the Leningrad sectors via rail. The 34th Army should help slow the German advance on Voronezh.


Sectors: Tobruk-Alexandria
More of the same right now. Rommel himself is in the area of Tobruk. I'm not sure if the Germans will make an assault on the city's defenses, or if the Italians will handle the siege. The Afrika Korps must be low on supply at this point, so speed will be key for them. I just don't see the Axis forces in Africa being able to make it past my defensive line at El Alamein. However, keeping my British Army bottled up in Egypt prevents them from being used elsewhere.

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