Thursday, May 24, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T003: 05.22.42

T003 05.22.42


Sectors: Veliki Luki-Rzhev
Things are settling down now, as the defensive line forms. The Germans are mopping up the left over divisions that were caught up in the withdrawal. As reinforcements arrive, I'll have to send at least one army to this sector as a reserve.

Sectors: Orel-Yelets-Voronezh
The main objective here is to contain and delay. There are three Op Groups just north of the rag-tag defenders east of Orel (1), that will disembark and enter the battle this upcoming week. There isn't much between the three German Korps and wide open Russian countryside north of Yelets. The 13 and 40 Armies are as good as gone (2), while the 21 Army is trying its best to hold the open space in front of Yelets. Once reinforcements can arrive, the line will form along the railroad (3), hopefully keeping the valuable rail hub at Yelets out of German hands.

Sectors: Kharkov-Rostov
This entire sectors has nearly evaporated in the span of two weeks. I'm not dedicating the kind of force to this area that I did the last time around. But still, I didn't expect three armies to simply melt away. The 12 Army is getting across the river (1) and blowing bridges behind them. The German III Panzer Korps has free reign north of Rostov (2), completely cutting off what's left of the 18 Army. At Rostov, the 56 Army will try to delay the German crossing of the Don River (3). The 2 Shock Army and 8 Army are stationed in Stalingrad, with the 2 Shock fanning out to cover the river crossings. The 54 Army, originally sent to Stalingrad, has been ordered south to Grozny to prepare those defenses.

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