Saturday, May 26, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T005: 06.05.42

T005 06.05.42


Sectors: Yelets-Voronezh
Two breakthroughs in this front. The significant break came south of Yelets (1), with the 21 Army melting under the strong pressure from the German XXIV Panzer and VII Korps. The Op Groups shipped down from the northern sectors (embarked east of Yelets) will have to plug the hole for now, until more units are available. West of Voronezh (2), the 38 Army gave way in one small sector, but I expect this one to be covered relatively easily. The 57 Army has units to spare, and aren't facing any real threat due to its position behind the Don River.

Intelligence Report
Recon has spotted at least two full corps, the German LVI and XVII Korps, being shipped by rail from the Rzhev sectors all the way down to the Rostov sector. This could provide a big boost to the German prospects in the North Caucasus.

Sectors: Rostov-Stalingrad
Axis progress has slowed significantly in this part of the Russian Front, but I'm not expecting that to last very long. The I SS Panzer is spearheading a new push across the Don River east of Rostov (1), while three full German Korps, supported by the Romanian II Corps, are near to capturing the city. To the north (2), delaying actions by rear guard has helped hold the tide at bay. Around Stalingrad (3) the 2 Shock Army is all along for now, spread incredibly thinly around the city. The 34 Army has arrived from north of Velikie Luki, and will take up defensive positions along the Don, just west of Stalingrad. This should free up the entire right wing of the 2 Shock to move south, bolstering the rest of the formation southwest of the city.


Sector: Tobruk
The X and XXX British Corps are holding on by a thread. The DAK (Das Afrika Korps) isn't wasting any time advancing on Tobruk, and it's paying early dividends.

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