Friday, June 8, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T015: 08.14.42

T015 08.14.42


Theatre Update
German Panzers are rolling along past Maikop. However, my ace in the hole is the narrow passes in the mountain range. The German armor does best in open terrain, as evidenced in the previous weeks' combat to the north. I've shipped by rail three armies from the Yelets-Voronez sectors down to Astrakhan, one of them already transported by sea down to Grozny. I simply cannot afford to lose Grozny this early, if at all. It seems like a long shot, but delaying for at least five more weeks will offer a great reward. That will come in the form of about 10 fresh Russian armies, including at least two Guards armies. That will allow me to change the focus from the Caucasus to the norther sectors.

Very preliminary plans are being made for a large offensive in the Velikie Luki area, just north of where I staged the controlled withdrawal during the first two weeks of this scenario. There are three shock armies there on the front lines now. With the arrival of reinforcements in five to six weeks, I'll have enough to make a decent push, forcing the Germans to pull troops from other sectors.


Africa - The Afrika Korps and Italians are slowly inching toward my lines west of El Alamein.

NW Europe - A strategic bombing campaign by the RAF is beginning to target supply and industry targets.

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