Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T020: 09.18.42

T020 09.18.42


Sector: Leningrad
With no chance of reinforcement, it looks like Leningrad's days are numbered. The city doesn't have the strategic significance of others, except that it will allow more freedom for the Fins to operate in an expanded area. I will need to order more troops to the Karelian region, as I now expect a much stronger push coming from the Finland border. Still, Leningrad should be able to hold out for another month. I'm pulling troops back from the front line southwest of the city limits. This should at least give me a better opportunity to rotate units in and out of the battle line. And the concentration of manpower should help keep the Germans at bay for a little while longer.


Nothing else worth reporting.

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