Monday, July 2, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T033: 12.18.42

T033 12.18.42

Sectors: The Caucasus
Little combat again. But the Germans are now relieving front line units with fresh ones from the Leningrad sector. This wasn’t unexpected. The battle for Grozny should resume shortly. The Black Sea coast defenders are holding against less pressure than before, and like Grozny, should be seeing renewed attacks soon.

Up in the Astrakhan bulge, no significant attacks from the Axis. But as is the case everywhere in the Caucasus, the Germans are moving in fresh troops to take up the charge.

Sector: Libya
As the battle moves out of Egypt, my objective is to trap as many German units as possible. The key here is eliminating the DAK units because they are the most dangerous. The Italians are withering away as the British advance west.

Sector: Algeria
The US V Corps is held up at Phillipeville, where the Italian 11th Army’s 51 Division is fortified in the town. The II Corps is moving steadily east toward the Tunisian border, while the British II Corps sweeps down south toward Tebessa. At Kessarine Pass, recon has spotted a German mechanized division. I’m not sure yet how to handle that situation, as I do not have the force necessary to simply overwhelm the Germans dug in there. But if I can keep them away from the American column, that’s good enough for now.

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