Friday, July 6, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T036: 1.8.42

T036 01.08.43


Sector: Murmansk
The division east of the city has been a tough nut to crack, even though it’s cut off and surrounded. With all the resources wasted on trying to capture the unit, I’m expecting a counter attack by the rest of the German forces south of this small pocket. For now, however, Murmansk looks to be secure. In the coming turns, I’ll surely need to add more reinforcements here to protect the Lend Lease arrivals.

Sectors: The Caucasus
Minor actions result in little progress. I’m pulling back some units that were jammed up against the mountains south of Grozny, to avoid capture. But my plan remains to bottle up the Germans in Grozny, forcing them to fight their way out of the city if they want to advance on T’Bilisi or Baku. Along the Black Sea Coast, my lines are holding much better now, adding another defensive line just south of the main line.


Sector: Tobruk
The battle for eastern North Africa is winding down, as the Germans and Italians are either evacuated to Tunisia or Italy, or completely destroyed. The Italian Army HQ and DAK HQ have been caught, and should surrender the next turn. The XXX Corps approaches Tobruk, where a lone Italian division stands in the way. I’d expect a sharp, but relatively quick fight to retake the city after long months in Axis hands.

Sector: Tunisia
The US II Corps has reached the outskirts of Tunis, where it’s spotted two mechanized light divisions and a panzer division. It also looks like the mobile supply point for Panzer Armee Afrika is now at Tunis. Some Italian divisions are here to support the main German force.

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