Saturday, July 7, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T037: 1.15.42

T037: 01.15.43


Sector: Murmansk
Relief has broken my thin line surrounding the - Division east of Murmansk. But the big problem is the center of the line, which suddenly gave way to strong attacks by the Germans and Fins. It seems the rail artillery weakened my defenses enough that the Russians were no match for the Axis assault. I’ll have to send more reinforcements to Murmansk in the upcoming turns, much earlier than I hoped to need them. The 2nd Guards is ready to move, but haven’t boarded trains yet to Archangelsk’s docks. The only way to Murmansk is via the Arctic Ocean. Can help arrive in time?


Sector: Tobruk
The British 8th Armoured Brigade has rolled into a vacant Tobruk, the last Italians waving goodbye from the transports to Italy. Now it’s on to Tripoli and Tunisia.

Sector: Tunis
The 999. Leichte surprised the 9th Division by hopping out of its trenches and attacking the tired Americans. The “Varsity” boys fell back, and despite the help of the 34th Division, the Germans secured their position southwest of Tunis. With the Canadians boarding ships from England to Algeria, and the rail line from Algiers to the Tunis front lines being repaired, it looks as though the Americans will have to sit tight for the fresh divisions to arrive.

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