Thursday, July 12, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T043: 2.26.43

T043: 2.26.43

Sector: Finland
For weeks now I’ve been probing the Fins near Lake Onega. As a result, now the Fins have been activated to attack across the Svir River from the isthmus. The Svir is heavily defended by my Russian 7th, 23rd, 42nd and 55th Armies, so I can’t imagine a quick Fin offensive here. It will likely come to the north near Medvzhyegorsk.

Sector: Velikie Luki
Suddenly, the Germans have lurched forward into the gap left by my evacuation of the 4th Shock Army east of Velikie Luki to the Caucasus. Divisions from the LIX Korps have advanced across the open fields and across the river, contacting the 3rd Shock, 41st Army, and Kalinin Front op groups. No attacks have been made upon my positions, but I’d hesitate to assume this move by Mark means nothing.

Sector: Yelets-Kursk - OPERATION: MEGAPHONE
The 1st Airborne Gds dropped onto the rail junction east of Kursk, ripping up the tracks and forcing a few of the local reserve units to react. As expected, the division was destroyed, but the damage was done. It should take at least two turns for the rail to be repaired. Now it will be the 5th Airborne Gds turn to drop onto the rail line east of Orel, with similar objectives of destroying the German supply and reinforcement routes. The minor breakthrough near Yelets was closed up quickly, but now that the airborne operation is underway, I can make a concerted effort to break the German lines at Yelets.

Sector: Astrakhan
German progress has been very slow, but somewhat steady. With a net gain of about one hex per turn, I’m content to let them wear out by fighting for every grain of dirt here. With good tactical reserves and two full armies (1st Gds Tank, 40th Army) in local reserve, this sector remains one to monitor, but also relatively secure.

Sector: Grozny
The eastern portion of my Grozny defenses have fallen apart. It’s time to begin a general withdrawal to the coastline and tighter defensive positions there against the mountains. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but was likely hastened by the German airborne operation that destabilized my position. Though I have enough divisions here to keep the Germans from waltzing down to Baku, reinforcements are a probable solution to the coastal defensive strategy.

North Africa
The British are closing on Tripoli, with some of the corps moving back east toward Tobruk and Alexandria to refit. The Americans are still holding the Axis in Tunis, as the Canadians are approaching on the rail line.

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