Thursday, July 12, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T044: 3.5.43

T044: 03.05.43

Sector: Yelets-Kursk - OPERATION: MEGAPHONE
The second airborne division, this one dropped at the Orel rail junction, has been destroyed, but not before it accomplished its mission of destroying the rail line to the west. To the south, near the Kursk drop zone, a rail repair crew has rebuilt the bridge, allowing some reinforcements to come up from the south, including a Luftwaffe Field Division from western Europe. But there was significant success along the front line, as the 1st and 2nd Guards armies advanced two hexes before the counterattacks threw them back to the original positions. That might seem like a loss, but the Germans here are so weakened by the initial assault, I should have no problem renewing the attack and regaining the previously captured hexes, and some. This operation is a bit slow going, but momentum is picking up. Once I can secure a breakthrough, and follow it up with reinforcements, this has the chance to become something very big on the Eastern Front.

Sector: Grozny
The Germans are making a big push now for the coast line. My depleted armies here have little shot to stop them, but should have the chance to slow them down for a while. Baku is still a long ways away. Mark would be somewhat foolish to concentrate all of this power down here, especially since the Yelets sector is becoming more dangerous for the Axis side.

Sector: Tunis
The Canadians are getting off the trains. Finally, a push can be made on Tunis. Once this port is in Allied hands, plans for an invasion of mainland Europe can begin.

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