Monday, July 16, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T048: 4.2.43

T048: 04.02.43

Sector: Finland-Karelia
North & South - The 4th Guards Tank counterattacked viciously against the German breakthrough, throwing back the enemy to their original lines. After that, very liittle movement. The Axis push back a few of my scouting units advanced beyond my main lines. But my position is holding for now.

Every time I think I’ve gained a decent push, the Germans push right back. This is by far the bloodiest sector in the scenario thus far, and that takes Grozny and Leningrad into consideration, too. OPERATION: MEGAPHONE is now a shell of what it was supposed to be. But I might have an encore up my sleeve in the coming turns. Could there be an OPERATION: MEGAPHONE II?

Sector: The Caucasus
Grozny - I’m basically surrendering this area to the Germans. I gain no advantage holding the territory east of Grozny. My new line will be halfway down the Caspian Sea Coast toward Baku.

T’Bilisi - The arrival of the 40th Army won’t be enough to stop this rising tide of German might. Poti has now fallen, and the northern pass through the mountains is hanging on by a thread. If I can’t hold the rail line to Batumi, then I might as well cede that to the Axis now and cut my losses while I can. The Caucasus is a major objective for the Axis player in this game. I underestimated the challenge of defending it. My assumption was that the Russian troops would be halfway competent enough to stand firm in good defensive terrain with good supply. That was a poor assumption to make. Now I’m scrambling to find reinforcements just to prevent Baku from falling... the city that even Mark thought was out of reach. If things continue on this path, Panzers will be in Babylonia before I know it!

Tunis: Attacks continue on the Axis stronghold. Losses are mounting for the defenders, but they are refusing to budge. Even the Italian tank brigades are causing headaches for my British tank outfits along the eastern coast.

NW Europe: The strategic bombing campaign has caused enough damage to cause Axis theatre recon to drop. The increased pressure on the German war machine is working.

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