Sunday, July 29, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T060: 06.25.43

T060: 6.25.43

+20 Recon @ 4 Turns

Sector: Batumi - Black Sea Coast
Suddenly this situation isn’t quite so dire, thanks to the 1st Guards Tank Army’s attack on the German right flank north of Batumi. The 6. Panzer and 265. Infantry divisions were thrown back along the coast road, with the 8th Guards Tank Corps in pursuit. The loss of the position means the 20. Panzer is now in a precarious spot, facing Russian guns on all but one side. I will be curious to see how Mark handles this. Will he simply counterattack on the 20. Panzer’s flanks to relieve the unit? Or will he try to pull the division out of the pocket, risking evaporation or reorganization?

Theaterwide Offensive Plans - Summer 1943

The more I consider how this will work, the more I realize all of these offensives will need the Shock boost at the same time. I can’t disband more than one shock unit, as it would be a waste. So I’m going to VERY CAREFULLY coordinate three different massive operations at the same time--GUILLOTINE in Russia, HUSKY in Sicily, and CARRIAGEWAY in Crete and Rhodes. Two of the operations need sea transport. All three need air transport. It’s not impossible, but it is very risky to attempt such a plan that requires such precision. Right now I can’t even make turn-by-turn plans yet until I know for sure which units will be available and at what time. The other considerations will be the Theater Recon disband and what it discovers for the Allied side. I expect to have turn-by-turn plans available in the next three turns.

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