Sunday, July 29, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T061: 7.2.43

T061: 7.2.43

+10 Shock @ 4 Turns
Air Trans 4k @ 1 Turns
Sea Trans (Husky) 45k @ 2 Turns
Strategic Bomb -4 @ 4 Turns

Now that all of my artillery is in place, Mark has assumed something is coming this way, transferring at least two Panzer divisions by rail from the south, with a few other infantry divisions on the way as well. Fortunately the blown bridges south of Vyazma helped keep the reinforcements out of the salient. But rail crews are on the scene, so those bridges will be back up in no time. I’ve also used all of my rail transport (which is very difficult to do, figuring there is 54k Rail available to the Allied side) to get five Guards armies in place for the assault.

As with most military operations, plans change. I’ve decided to not wait and land two divisions directly into Iraklion, with two more landing on the eastern tip of the island, and skipping the Rhodes section of the offensive all together. The former surprisingly worked flawlessly, while the latter surprisingly didn’t. The 4th and 51st divisions came ashore at Iraklion, capturing the port and the supply point. The 2nd New Zealand and 9th Australian divisions attempted to land on the eastern port hex, but were turned back by a single static defensive unit. The risk here now is that they could be targeted by the roving Italian Navy, last seen near Athens. Over the next two turns, I’ll land the rest of the XXX Corps at Iraklion, and the X Corps if needed. But now that the supply point on Crete has been taken first, much of this operation is moot. I’ll just need to secure the island, which will require significantly less manpower and material.

Sector: Sicily - OPERATION HUSKY
I’m hoping Mark doesn’t see through my HUSKY plans as easily as the GUILLOTINE plans. The 82nd Airborne is staging for the initial drop, while the line divisions of the II and V Corps have entered the port of Tunis for boarding onto the transports. The VI Corps is doing the same out at Angiers. The other two operations are and will be risky, but HUSKY has the chance to be the most disastrous, should it fail.

Sector: Batumi - Black Sea Coast
Not much movement since the last turn. The Germans launched a minor counterattack that pushed back the progress of the 1st Guards Tank. But my gains were quickly restored by another attack this turn. With all the divisions being pumped into this sector recently by Mark, I’m actually shocked my positions have held this long.

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