Friday, August 3, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T069: 8.27.43

T069: 8.27.43

The operation is officially ending, with the arrival of the 55th Army from Karelia to finish off the remnants of the XX. and VI. Korps. Several divisions were able to escape the pocket southward to safety. Overall, the Russian Army didn’t achieve its objective to surround and destroy at least two full German Korps, but this was the first major victory for the Allied cause on the Eastern Front. The 55th, 20th and 31st armies will move into the front line, relieving the Guards armies that spearheaded the offensive.

Sector: Karelia
The German 20th Armee, composed of the XXVI. and XXXVI. Geb Korps, has overrun the 70th Army in the north Karelian region along the Finland border. The 26th Army on the left has remained in place, but faces the threat of being cut off from the main supply route. I’ve moved elements of the 5th Shock Army and 33rd Army from the south Karelian Sector, and the 23rd Army up from the Svir River line. These reinforcements should help hold off this little German demonstration.

Sector: Sicily - OPERATION: HUSKY
The Italian Army should surrender any turn now, so the main goal here is to minimize casualties. However, the operation continues to be active since Messina has not yet been taken. The next steps in the invasion of mainland Europe will be capturing Sardinia and Corsica. Once the Italians surrender, this will be very easy to do, as Mark hasn’t reinforced the islands with German garrison forces. I’m also contemplating an invasion of Greece, but that could be very risky with only a minimal return.

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