Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T073-074: 9.24.43

T073-074: 9.24-10.1.43

Dual turn this entry, mostly due to lack of overall action on my side. However, I do have plans in place for the invasion of mainland Italy, codename OPERATION: SLAPSTICK (the historical name for invasion at Taranto), which does not include seaborne landings at Salerno. There is currently a large Panzer division (my guess is it’s the Herman Goering Division) stationed at Salerno, which would be nearly impossible to dislodge by sea in one turn. After the near-disaster on D-Day of OPERATION: HUSKY, I’m not about to send another wave of US divisions, this time likely to be slaughtered in their landing craft.

Sector: Karelia
The German/Finnish advance southward is steady but not all that dangerous to my situation. Over two turns, the Axis have only gained three hexes-worth of territory south of the original line. The 70th and 26th Armies are basically destroyed, but with reinforcements and terrain benefiting my defenses, this should be a short-lived offensive for Mark with little return. However, I’m debating a counter offensive here, dependent on how many reinforcements I can spare from other sectors.

In three weeks, the island of Sardinia is secure, and I can begin prep for the landings on Corsica. The smaller of the two islands should be even easier to capture, as Mark has abandoned any real defense of them.


England: Lead elements of the US First Army have landed, including the 3rd Armored Division. The British Second Army is also beginning to muster. The British I Corps and XII Corps are both encamped, the former having shipped back to England from Africa. In the air war, another US 8th AF bomber squadron arrived, as the 8th AF and RAF Bomber Command have shifted bases.

Mediterranean: The British X Corps is transferring to Sicily from Libya. With only 12k sea transport, it’s only feasible to move one of the X Corps’ heavy armored divisions at a time, so this is a slow process. The British XXX Corps and VIII Corps are also awaiting transfers, but those two will go back to England. The South African divisions will remain behind as garrison troops for Crete and North Africa.

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